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Friday, 28 August 2009 15:33
What skeptical thinking boils down to is the means to construct, and to understand, a reasoned argument and--especially important--to recognize a fallacious or fraudulent argument. The question is not whether we like the conclusion that emerges out of a train of reasoning, but whether the conclusions follows from the premise or starting point and whether that premise is true.

-Carl Sagan

You'll find here a gathering of people that form a broad range of beliefs and stances on many controversial issues, but that have one thing in common:  A passion for debunking and shedding light on charlatanry in all its colors.alienmeditation

We have as a community set out to investigate, debunk and directly engage those who, be it through pretense of psychic powers or claims of exclusive contact with extraterrestrial beings, try to obfuscate reality and profit from lies.  While fostering a profound curiosity for the unexplained and the mysterious, we strive to denounce fakers, dupers and general purveyors of nonsense.

We are a group of skeptics and critical thinkers who are ready to believe in many things.  Nothing would please us more to know that we are the brainwashed slaves of ancient reptilian overlords and that all that is required to ring in the New Age utopia of great wisdom is to follow the instruction of a seemingly demented internet channeler of the alien oversoul.  But before we raise our glasses of kool-aid to toast the return to our home worlds, we ask only one thing:  Prove it.

Dark Psychics and Dark Psychic Cabal have an ominous ring to them and one of the very first questions we are asked is why choose such a name.  The easy answer is becuase it is sarcastic.  The New Age spiritual community and pseudoscientists have been very quick to coin new terms for things they have no clear understanding of or concepts that should remain in the realms of fantasy novels like Harry Potter.  Once such idea is that of a dark psychic, a being that is capable of manipulating supernatural energies and forces in order to influence someone negatively.

Witches, voodoo practioners, dark spirits, and negative thought forms are but a few examples of beings that are said to be capable of performing a dark psychic attack.  Curiously enough, questioning those that are ever so quick to question others on their view of reality gets one labeled as an evil dark psychic/skeptic and some New Age communities even go so far as to call skeptical thinkers dark psychics.

To those that seek to blame dark psychic attacks for their failed predictions, bad judgements and other follies we come for you, not with psychic attacks or pitchforks but with reason.
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